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Welcome to the St Stephens (Soundwell) Drama Group website. We are a Bristol based amateur dramatics group, founded over 50 years ago, and producing 2 shows per year. The group meets in St Stephens Church Hall, Soundwell, Bristol, on Tuesday evenings from 8pm.

The Round Table of Camelittle

“I really liked the Babbers. They made me laugh so much”


“Incredible to think that there’s this much talent right on my doorstep. Great show guys!”


“Great show and an amazingly friendly group who chatted to us afterwards for ages!”


“Scooby Doo reference was comedy genius. A genuinely refreshing show  and much funnier than others I’ve been to recently”


An Evening of Entertainment

27th-29th June 2024

This summer, we’re excited to be putting on two one act plays, ‘Acting, It’s Not Plumbing’, where we follow the journey of six people who sign up for the local one day amateur 

drama taster session and discover the REAL reasons they joined up! And ‘Flatmates’

Ben Rayner finds a strange woman living in his flat. Even worse, she claims to have been living there longer than him and no one else can see her!

Twitter @jarphall

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Ever fancied joining our group?

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to grab life by the neck and enjoy every last minute. So, if you’ve always fancied yourself as an actor or rather like the idea of mastering the magic of sound and lighting, then here’s your opportunity to join a well established, family friendly Amateur Dramatics group.

Just send us a message or pop in during our rehearsal time on Tuesdays at 8pm.

We follow the St Stephen’s Church safeguarding policy.

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