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Welcome to the St Stephens (Soundwell) Drama Group website. We are a Bristol based amateur dramatics group, founded over 40 years ago, and producing 2 shows per year. The group meets in St Stephens 

Church Hall, Soundwell, Bristol, on Tuesday evenings from 7.45pm.

Little Red Riding Hood & the Three Little Pigs

“Another amazing performance. The jokes and puns just kept coming. Well worth the money!”


“Granny and the Wolf were fantastic!”


Hummingbird House

A Comedy Play by  By Martin Clare

Ryan’s first day at his new job at Briddlington-Upon-Twill’s least relaxing spa, which isn’t going very well. He’s got a critic with an agenda, ‘handsy’ customers and an incompetent boss to contend with. The situation deteriorates when customers start going missing, his day couldn’t possibly get worse, could it? This witty, fast paced comedy/farce by Martin Clare might make you think twice about your next trip to the spa.

Tickets are on sale now at £7 each. The show starts at 7.30pm and is on from 20th-22nd June in the St Stephen’s Church Hall, Church Road, Soundwell. Bristol. BS16 4RH

Twitter @jarphall

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Check out our new pantomime photos!

                                 We’ve just updated the media pages with some fabulous new photos from our last two productions, Murder at Crimson House and Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs! Relive all the excitement or see what you missed out on. It’s all there in glorious technicolour!

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