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Last Production

The Round Table of Camelittle

A pantomime by Joe Wilson and Nick Stott

25th-27th January 2024

Many of you may be familiar with the Legend of King Arthur, but did you know he wasn’t always a confident warrior king? Or that his mum was a pub landlady with terrible DIY skills? Get ready to find out how he really pulled the sword from the rock …. stone. Using an original script written by two of our members. Joining Arthur and Guinevere, there are a host of demons, a witch, a mysterious hooded figure and even a living tree (oh yes there is!...).

2019- 2023 Production

50 Fabulous Years 

(and One Pandemic)

13th-25th July 2023

A celebration for our 50th Anniversary taking you on a journey through the entertainment of the last half century

There were loads of fantastic performances paying homage to amazing talents that have inspired and entertained us through the ages. Including songs from ‘Dear Evan Hanson’ and ‘Hairspray’ to classics from ‘Grease’ and ‘Matilda’. There were also hilarious sketches from Armstrong and Miller and one that was written by our very own Sam Roberts.

The Brothers Grimm Spectacularthon 

A pantomime by Don Zoldis

27th-29th October 2022

This was our first post COVID show and it didn’t disappoint the audience at all. Imagine compressing some of the most famous tales into two hours and you get the idea of how fast paced this show was. 

With laughs every minute, even we found it hard not to giggle as each performance wowed everyone in the hall, proving, once again, just how much talent we have in our group!

Little Red Riding Hood & the Three Little Pigs 

A pantomime by David Crump & Paul Simcox

31st Jan-2nd Feb 2019

Here we performed a unique combination of these two classic children’s tales that saw the audience cheering and booing along all evening. 

This production saw Red take on the evil stepmother, Ursula in saving the defenceless three little pigs, as well as the loveable Granny from the very hungry  Big Bad Wolf!

Older shows.

Murder at Crimson House 

A musical murder mystery  by Tim Kelly with music and lyrics by Bill Francoeur.

7th-9th June 2018

This a a classic musical comedy whodunit featuring the world famous detective, Hercules Porridge! During his first case, a corpse is discovered in the sitting room and the guests are acting suspiciously. Can Hercules prove the police wrong and solve the case or is it just too much of a mystery for this detective.

Little Boy Blue 

A Pantomime by Paul Reakes

25th-27th January 2018

It's the day of the grand fete in Merrydale, and Willard 'Wiggles' Wigglesworth has brought his hot air balloon along to give the villagers rides. Johnnie Blue is in love with Susie Sidebottom, the Mayor's daughter, but the pair offend the evil witch Halloweena  & she’s determined to get revenge. Soon Johhnie and Susie, together with Wiggles and Bessie, Johnnies's mother, find themselves far from home.

A Comedy 


And the bride wore…

A delightful comedy by Bella Sposa, depicting the chaos a wedding can have on a family, especially when the two families don’t exactly get on!

Corner’s Last Case 

The Butcher of Baker Street is on the rampage and the best officer on the force has just been fired! Who will save the people of London now? Written by Martin Ward.


The Pantomime

A Pantomime by Paul Reakes

26th-28th January 2017

We follow the dastardly actions of Bluebeard as he tries to woo the beautiful Flora Rockbottom. But Bluebeard's intentions are far from honorable; when he is bored with Flora "she will go the same way as all of the others", he says. To Flora's rescue comes her sweetheart Robin and the clumsy Fetch and Carrie who become involved in many shenanigans involving ghosts, poison and the inept antics of Bluebeard’s sidekick, Lurkin.

The Camels Back 

A Comedy by Arnold Helsby

9th-11th June 2016. 

"Mr Hannacot, the Master of the house, has recently passed away. His final wish was to secure the future of his family and to ensure that his farm continued to run efficiently. In his will he insists that his sister, Prudence, should bring her business accumen to the farm. However, running a farm is rather different from running a successful draper’s shop and her methods are not always welcomed. Throw in rehearsals for an upcoming local amateur dramatics society and you have even more problems on the farm!


A family pantomime 

by Warren McWilliams

28th-30th January 2016

Warren writes his pantomimes with amateur companies in mind, providing the opportunity for a number of members to play parts. He prides himself on developing strong characters and appealing to all ages.

This production didn’t fail to deliver a magical panto! Fun for kids and adults alike, Cinderella sprinkled with magic, music and warm-hearted jokes across audiences in Soundwell.

The production was peppered with well known songs from artists as varied as Sister Sledge and Wham.

Tom the Piper’s son

29th-31st January 2015

Fun filled shenanigans in this rip roaring adventure. With a Princess, a Fairy Godmother and of course, a couple of stooges, it’s pretty much laughs all the way!

Murder at the Tony Lou Awards 

A Murder Mystery

12th-14th June 2014

An audience participation murder mystery comedy by Tony Schwartz & Marylou Ambrose.

It’s the biggest night in Hollywood!! So put on your tux, pour yourself into your evening gown, and walk down the red carpet when St Stephens Drama Group present Murder at the Tonylou Awards!

King Humpty Dumpty 

By Paul Reakes

30th January-1st February 2014

A pantomime about the legendary Humpty Dumpty, but with a twist!

Imagine if you will that Humpty Dumpty is not only King of all he surveys, but very, very naughty as well.

With pantomime laughs and jolly capers all the way, this production was fun for all!

Small Talk 

20th-22nd June 2013

The setting is the Oasis Cafe. Its creative owner, Charlie is always coming up with new and innovative ideas to promote the business. Tonight has great promise. In addition to the regular crowd, he has invited members of a local dating service to attend. He has also concocted an unusual drink with his own secret recipe of oriental herbs. This will add to the fun and result in some unusual antics.

Little Tommy Tucker

24th-26th January 2013

When the Duke of Sterling arrives in town with his daughter, Sophie, a singing contest is held at the local fair. Doctor Discord, knowing that Dame Ditty only has female students, arranges that the contest be for males only. He enters his handyman Benny who cannot sing. When Dame Ditty discovers Tommy Tucker & his wonderful voice, things look up for her but Dr Discord plots with the witch, Mother Curseum, to put a spell on Tommy Tucker and steal the prize!

The Little Old Woman 

That Lived in a Shoe

8-10th March 2012

Dame Dallymores orphanage is in peril! She has been unable to pay the rent for ten years, so the evil Squire wants to make her - and the orphans - homeless. Just when the situation seems dire, a Giant steps on the orphanage, leaving the shoe behind! Mother Goose turns the shoe into an orphanage but the Giant comes back for his shoe & takes Princess Marigold, girlfriend to the Dame’s son Corydon. instead!

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