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About us

 St Stephens Drama Group was founded in 1971 by 4 founder members from the church who wanted to add something to the wider Church community. We did two productions a year, the first was a mystery called “An Inspector Calls”. Everything ran on a “Wing and a Prayer” in those days. Our stage was lit by a couple of rows of household light bulbs & the sets, although well constructed were very basic. 

    We limped through several years with very few members and everyone pitched in and did a “bit of everything”. All our costumes were provided for ourselves and we bought our own scripts. We were in the hall, sometimes until well after 10.00pm at night constructing our sets. But somehow we survived and gradually our numbers swelled.

    When it was decided to perform our first pantomime we agreed that November was a bit early and moved to the last week in January where it has remained.

    Gradually we saved more money and we started hiring lights and effects for pantomimes. We have purchased our own stage lights and added a full loop sound system, many effects and now have our own vast wardrobe and happily  find ourselves in the position where we don’t hire (except for specialised wigs etc.).

    The group has increased so much, introducing so many talented people, who not only act, but sing & dance too, enabling us to expand our horizons & perform some good Dramas & Musicals .

    Not only do we perform, we hold social occasions, trips to the theatre and visits to other amateur groups’ productions etc.

    Like any group we are always looking for extra members, our age group is very broad from 8 to senior citizens!!!! Back stage crew are as important as the actors, one cannot perform without the other. 

Nick Stott


“I knew the first song came from The Greatest Showman and I had my picture taken with the pigs!” 

Amelia (aged 6) talking about Little Red Riding Hood & the Three Little Pigs 2019


“I’d just been to another local drama group’s pants and this was by far the best. I still can’t believe they wrote it themselves” 

Sheila. D talking about The Round Table of Camelittle, 2024


“I” laughed so much. It hurt. It was really great and the amount of energy those actors had to do the quick change scene near the end was incredible”  

Lisa talking about ‘The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon’ 2022

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New members are always given a warm welcome if you are interested please drop us a line on the contact page.



As you can imagine, life in the group can sometimes be quite manic with things going on on a very regular basis. If you would like to find out what we’re doing or just keep in touch, then follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

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